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Dom Gdańsk Osowa - Przestronny, stylowo urządzony dom dla rodziny z malowniczym widokiem na jezioro - Russjan

House Gdańsk Osowa

Spacious, stylishly furnished house for a family with a picturesque view of the lake
Price: 3 500 000 PLN
Area: 370 m2
Offer ID: RU181080
REZYDENCJA GDAŃSK OSOWA  - Dwa domy z krytym basenem w otoczeniu zieleni w spokojnej części Osowy - Russjan

Price: 6 950 000 PLN
Area: 794,36 m2
Offer ID: RU104986
Rezydencja Kiełpino Górne - Przestronna rezydencja z basenem w willowej dzielnicy Gdańska - Russjan

Residence Kiełpino Górne

Spacious residence with a swimming pool in a residential area of Gdansk
Price: 3 190 000 PLN
Area: 650 m2
Offer ID: RU827392
Dom Gdańsk Wrzeszcz - NIezwykła, przestronna, usytuowana w malowniczej części Wrzeszcza, wyjątkowa nieruchomość - Russjan

House Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Unusual, spacious, situated in a picturesque part of Wrzeszcz, a unique property
Price: 9 800 000 PLN
Area: 457,49 m2
Offer ID: RU835260
Dom Gdańsk Osowa - Niebanalny, nowoczesny, parterowy dom na granicy Gdańska i Gdyni - Russjan

House Gdańsk Osowa

An original, modern, one-storey house on the border of Gdańsk and Gdynia
Price: 4 480 000 PLN
Area: 270 m2
Offer ID: RU754134
Dom Gdańsk Kiełpino Górne - Elegancki dom w willowej dzielnicy - Russjan

House Gdańsk Kiełpino Górne

Elegant House in a villa district
Price: 2 500 000 PLN
Area: 460 m2
Offer ID: RU305574
DOM GDAŃSK OLIWA - Historyczny dom w sercu miasta - Russjan

House Gdańsk Oliwa

A historic house in the heart of the city
Price: 2 995 000 PLN
Area: 391,9 m2
Offer ID: RU433432
Dom Gdańsk Kokoszki  - Ultranowoczesny, bezkompromisowy dom z basenem w ogrodzie, w filmowej scenerii otaczającego go lasu - Russjan

House Gdańsk Kokoszki

Ultra-modern, uncompromising house in the film scenery, surrounded by forest.
Price: 3 500 000 PLN
Area: 384 m2
Offer ID: RU305558



Amazing homes in Gdansk - our offer will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers looking for real estate in the Tri-City. Houses located in the very center, as well as ones located off the beaten track, away from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to be in direct contact with nature.


The luxury houses we offer are characterized by a high standard of finishing and a considerable space. Each home has a functional, well-equipped kitchen and a comfortable and modern bathroom. A stylish and spacious living room allows you to relax with family and friends, while cozy, intimate bedrooms guarantee quietness and safe sleep. The luxury houses we offer in Gdansk are decorated in a variety of styles: classical, Scandinavian, modern or minimalistic. All the houses we offer are characterized by high quality, precision and attention to the details. Each space is not only functional, but also extremely tasteful and aesthetic.